Lab Technology

The challenge is to utilize the correct lab technology for the situation at hand. 22 karat gold galvano crowns, all ceramic crowns, different porcelains with different physical properties, CAD/CAM vs pressed ceramics, strength vs esthetics, single crowns vs bridges, anterior vs posterior,metal occlusal surfaces vs ceramic occlusal surfaces, the list never ends….

The point is that our knowledge and experience will benefit you. This is our never ending challenge.

Often we use computer aided design CAD and computer aided manufacturing CAM to create the strongest, most accurate and most beautiful teeth lab technology has ever produced. Even better, this technology is now employed in house to often provide same day results! No metals or metal alloys are involved in this process. Therefore, eliminating metal allergies that are a lot more common than you would believe. Ceramics are finally here to stay.

In the event that a restoration cannot be completed in house, we may take an optical impression and submit it to the lab electronically.